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As measured in official development assistance (ODA). This has been attributed to the country's highly regarded education and health care systems, 157 and its low level of income inequality. "League of Armed Neutrality". These include impressionism and the modernist styles of expressionism, abstract painting and surrealism. Sports edit Main article: Sport in Denmark Michael Laudrup, named the best Danish football player of all time by the Danish Football Association Sports are popular in Denmark, and its citizens participate in and watch a wide variety. "I erkendelse af, at det grønlandske folk er et folk i henhold til folkeretten med ret til selvbestemmelse, bygger loven på et ønske om at fremme ligeværdighed og gensidig respekt i partnerskabet mellem Danmark og Grønland. Retrieved b c The unity of the Realm Archived t the Wayback Machine. Archived from the original on Retrieved WWF (2014 Living Planet Report. Union,.J.: Lawbook Exchange. "Denmark History The Viking Age". After the Great Northern War (170021 Denmark managed to restore control of the parts of Schleswig and Holstein ruled by the house of Holstein-Gottorp in the 1720 Treaty of Frederiksborg and the 1773 Treaty of Tsarskoye Selo, respectively. N 15 98 The country participates in both bilateral and multilateral aid, with the aid usually administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 79 The Faroese home government is defined to be an equal partner with the Danish national government, 80 while the Greenlandic people are defined as a separate people with the right to self-determination.

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Archived from the original on Retrieved Festivalguide Gaffa (in Danish) Musikfestivaler i Danmark VisitDenmark (in Danish) "Danish Architecture: An Overview". Nüchel, Jens; Lars Erik Skovgaard (13 December 2006). The purpose of the tax is to discourage car ownership. January 2017 a b "Keyfigures by Statistics Faroe Islands". 49 No location in Denmark is farther from the coast than 52 km (32 mi). 44 In 1973, along with Britain and Ireland, Denmark joined the European Economic Community (now the European Union ) after a public referendum. Retrieved 4 December 2008. With the same definition, the most common countries of origin were Poland, Turkey, Germany, Iraq, Romania, Syria, Somalia, Iran, Afghanistan, and Balkan states. Retrieved "Why is Denmark the cancer capital of the world?". 89 Parliamentary elections are held at least every four years, but it is within the powers of the Prime Minister to ask the Monarch to call for an election before the term has elapsed. After these events, Denmark pursued a policy of neutrality in Europe. Construction of the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link, connecting Denmark and Germany with a second link, will start in 2015. 214 Other designers of note include Kristian Solmer Vedel (19232003) in the area of industrial design, Jens Quistgaard (19192008) for kitchen furniture and implements and Ole Wanscher (19031985) who had a classical approach to furniture design. 36 The result was that the Catholic army under Albrecht von Wallenstein was able to invade, occupy, and pillage Jutland, forcing Denmark to withdraw from the war.

Lake Arresø northwest of Copenhagen is the largest lake. Bosnia: What Every American Should Know. 112 The country ranks highest in the world for workers' rights. Retrieved "Danish Presidency of the European Union 2012". CS1 maint: Uses authors parameter ( link ) "World Economic Outlook Database, October 2010 Edition". This loss came as the latest in the long series of defeats and territorial loss that had begun in the 17th century. The monarch officially retains executive power and presides over the Council of State ( privy council ). Retrieved "Om DIF Medlemstal". The Church of Denmark is the established church (or state religion) in Denmark and Greenland; the Church of the Faroe Islands became an independent body in 2007. 47 Of these, 74 are inhabited (January 2015 48 with the largest being Zealand, the North Jutlandic Island, and Funen. The New York Times. 17 Another source comes from the municipalities that had their income taxes raised by 3 percentage points from, a contribution confiscated from the former county tax to be used from for health purposes by the municipalities instead.

Articles sixty-two and sixty-four of elvira friis porno erotiske fortællinger gratis the Constitution ensure judicial independence from government and Parliament by providing that judges shall only be guided by the law, including acts, statutes and practice. The latter are due to the many protection laws and protected areas of significance within the country even though the EPI is not considering how well these laws and regulations are affecting the current biodiversity and habitats in reality; one of many weaknesses in the. Why Danish elvira friis porno erotiske fortællinger gratis students are paid to go to college. Archived from the original on 15 February 2016. "Denmark as a warring nation: A bracket that should be closed" (in Danish). Danmark en demokratisk stat (in Danish). Fyrkat Image Credit : Google 5 Trelleborg, Slagelse, the Trelleborg west of Slagelse on the Danish island of Zealand is arguably the best preserved of the Viking ring fortresses. The open sandwiches on rye bread, known as smørrebrød, which in their basic form are the usual fare for lunch, can be considered a national speciality when prepared and decorated with a variety of fine ingredients. 209 Denmark's most famous classical composer is Carl Nielsen, especially remembered for his six symphonies and his Wind Quintet, while the Royal Danish Ballet specialises in the work of the Danish choreographer August Bournonville. 17 Contents Etymology edit Main article: elvira friis porno erotiske fortællinger gratis Etymology of Denmark The etymology of the word Denmark, and especially the relationship between Danes and Denmark and the unifying of Denmark as a single kingdom, is a subject which attracts debate. Helliwell, John; Layard, Richard; Sachs, Jeffrey (eds.). Nonnebakken has an inner diameter of 120m with surrounding circular earthworks. The women's national team celebrated great successes during the 1990s. Retrieved "The surprising ingredients of Swedish success free markets and social cohesion" (PDF). Mads Mikkelsen is a world-renowned Danish actor, having starred in films such as King Arthur, Casino Royale, the Danish film The Hunt, and the American TV series Hannibal.

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This includes Geranium and Noma in Copenhagen. Other time zones used in Greenland and the Faroe Islands include: WET, EGT, WGT and AST. 204 The German occupation during World War II brought informal censorship; some offending newspaper buildings were simply blown up by the Nazis. 4 N 5 The remaining.1 were of a foreign background, defined as immigrants or descendants of recent immigrants. During the 17th century, many impressive buildings were built in the Baroque style, both in the capital and the provinces. Archived from the original on Retrieved, Visit Denmark. The North Sea and the Baltic Sea are intertwined by various, international ferry links. Citation needed The Danish Emergency Management Agency employs 2,000 (including conscripts and about 4,000 are in non-branch-specific services like the Danish Defence Command and the Danish Defence Intelligence Service. A b The Danish Regions in Brief (3rd revised edition. CS1 maint: Uses authors parameter ( link ) Ioana Neamtu and Niels Westergaard-Nielsen (March 2013). "Here's what we know about Denmark's 'ghetto plan. Despite the high membership figures, only 3 of the population regularly attend Sunday services 167 168 and only 19 of Danes consider religion to be an important part of their life. 145 The country is a member nation of the International Renewable Energy Agency (irena). Retrieved "Statens Gæld og Låntagning" (PDF).

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163 A large majority (86) of Danes speak English as a second language, 164 generally with a high level of proficiency. The fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen (18051875 the philosophical essays of Søren Kierkegaard (181355 the short stories of Karen Blixen (penname Isak Dinesen (18851962 the plays of Ludvig Holberg (16841754 and the dense, aphoristic poetry of Piet Hein (190596 have earned international recognition,. Retrieved 12 February 2016. Greenlandic or "Kalaallisut" belongs to the EskimoAleut languages ; it is closely related to the Inuit languages in Canada, such as Inuktitut, and entirely unrelated to Danish. Retrieved b "Folkekirkens medlemstal". 143 in May 2011 Denmark derived.1 of its gross domestic product from renewable (clean) energy technology and energy efficiency, or around.5 billion (9.4 billion). Historical Dictionary of European Imperialism. The former English tutor, who married into the Danish royal family in 2004, recently jetted back from an Easter break with her family on the glamorous slopes of Verbier. 56 Almost all of Denmark's primeval temperate forests have been destroyed or fragmented, chiefly for agricultural purposes during the last millennia. Centre Largest city (populous) Population (January 2017) Total area (km) Hovedstaden Capital Region of Denmark Hillerød Copenhagen 1,807,404 2,568.29 Midtjylland Central Denmark Region Viborg Aarhus 1,304,253 13,095.80 Nordjylland North Denmark Region Aalborg Aalborg 587,335 7,907.09 Sjælland Region Zealand Sorø Roskilde 832,553 7,268.75 Syddanmark Region. Denmark Invests the Most in Clean Energy per GDP Archived t the Wayback Machine. "Religiosity Highest in World's Poorest Nations". 1 a b c The Kingdom of Denmark's territory in continental Europe is referred to as "Denmark proper " ( Danish : egentlig Danmark " metropolitan Denmark 46 or simply Denmark. It has historically been one of the most socially progressive cultures in the world.

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